Mind Over Matter (2018)

We were asked to help create an interactive installation as a collaboration between Thijs Biersteker and David Carson, called Mind Over Matter.

Design legend David Carson and interactive artist Thijs Biersteker present their collaborative installation Mind over Matter. Premiering Carson’s first interactive art work in his long career. Controlled by your brainwaves the installation shows that if we keep our focus on the right things in life the world doesn’t spin out of control.

The interactive art experience immerses the audience in their materialised collective state of mind, and allows them to co-create the piece together with the artists. Carson’s new collage art style has been put in motion using randomised algorithms. Driven by the brainwave data, of theta and beta waves, well known for reading the meditative state of mind, the piece has a direct response to the brain activity of the spectators. the analog designs are woven together in an elegant pattern.

We designed and created the software that reads out users’ brainwaves ussing EEG headsets. Our software then uses the brainwave data to animate  the designs made by Thijs Biersteker and David Carson, moving from calm designs to chaotic designs based on the users’ state of mind, which are then projected onto a large circular screen.