FRONT404 is a Dutch duo of artists consisting of Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle. Our main focus lies on interactive installations. We want to reach people in unusual ways, instead of the all too familiar frames they are used to, such as the TV-screen or advertisements in the streets. FRONT404 tries to surprise people, taking them out of their daily reality. Using humour and playful interaction we offer new perspectives and ways of looking at the world.

The name FRONT404 derives from the fact that we usually try to use our art as a form of political activism. That explains why we call ourselves a front; the 404 part is based on the classic “Error 404: Not Found” error message, and comes from our love of mistakes, glitches and errors. An error or glitch, like a scratch on a CD or visual noise in a video for example, exposes the underlying technology and makes the invisible visible. We like to use these imperfections, and accidents and mistakes that happen during the process of creating a work as a way of taking our art in unplanned and unexpected directions.