The Eyestalkers are a colony of watchful eyes. They stare unblinking from their window out into the world, tracking all passersby walking to and from the city centre. The staring eyeballs on stalks are there as a visible manifestation of all the invisible surveillance people are walking into when they go into the city, like the many hidden cameras or systems tracking your phone.

The Eyestalkers aim to create a tangible sense of being watched, to bring the surveillance out into the open, to create that necessary and warranted sense of paranoia that is lacking because of the elusive nature of modern surveillance. Because of their erratic, jerky movements they are real eyecatchers, so they are seen by all while seeing all.

Eyestalkers preview

Here’s a preview of our new installation called Eyestalkers:

It will be shown at Kunstenlab in Deventer in the Netherlands from the 27th of February until April 13th 2014 as part of the “Watching (over) me” show.

This Particular Universe

Here is the full 15 minute piece of ‘This Particular Universe’ by Bas Bouma, with interactive visuals by FRONT404! Enjoy!

Citytrip clip

Citytrip @ Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam 2013

Last weekend was the opening of Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. At the opening a new version of our installation ‘Citytrip’ was shown to the public. Citytrip will be exposed there until the end of this year, take a trip if you are in the neighbourhood! Video coming soon!