Plastic Reflectic

Plastic Reflectic is een interactieve installatie die het probleem van plasticvervuiling in de ocean in beeld brengt. Deze plastic soep vervuilt niet alleen de oceaan, maar doordat het plastic langzaam afgebroken wordt tot microplastics komt het via de voedselketen in onze lichamen terecht.

The installation consists of what appears to be a large empty white pool filled with black water. When you step in front of it, hundreds of pieces of actual ocean plastic come floating to the surface, forming your silhouette. As you move your body or wave your arms, pieces of plastic submerge again while others float to the surface showing your own real-time reflection moving along with you, made of plastic waste fished from the oceans. Plastic Reflectic warns us by showing us our own bodies made out of plastic ocean trash, but also shows that everyone has a personal influence on this growing problem.

We made the installation together with artist Thijs Biersteker and Better Future Factory for the Plastic Soup Foundation and Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.


Plastic Reflectic op de Fluid Matter expositie in de MU art gallery, Eindhoven, NL

Opening Fluid Matter - Hanneke Wetzer-53

Plastic Reflectic op South by South West festival 2017, Austin, Texas, USA

Plastic Reflectic op de Re-Use expositie 2019, Kuwait City, Kuwait