Thoughts and Prayers (2020)

Thoughts and Prayers is a meditative installation that shows a candle-light reflection of the visitor in real-time, on an altar table filled with 240 votive candles. The warm, flickering candle light in the dim room, combined with the soothing sound of Gregorian chants gives the visitor a chance to slow down, breathe, and take a moment to literally reflect.

Thoughts and Prayers was originally made for the “My Home, My Castle” exposition in Museum Oud Amelisweerd. The votive candles refer to a particular part of the history of the Oud Amelisweerd manor. The room that the installation is a part of used to be the chapel for an order of friars. Over eighty friars lived in the house for a couple of years after they were forced out of their original monastery because of the second World War. Novices were trained here in skills like woodworking and electrics, which gave us a bit of a personal connection while working on this installation.

‘My Home, My Castle’ exhibition in Museum Oud Amelisweerd, Utrecht, June 2020

VONK festival at Fort het Hemeltje in Houten, October 2021

OPEN ART festival in Örebro Sweden, June 2022

‘Lucid’ exhibition at the Kunstkerk in Dordrecht, December 2022