Shaded Seas

We were asked by Thijs Biersteker to do the software, electronics and technical build of the interactive installation Shaded Seas, commissioned by Science Gallery Dublin.

The interactive art installation Shaded Seas shows that the power to change the overuse of plastic is in our own hands. The work sets out to keep creating awareness to the plastic problem in our oceans, as still 10% of the 260 Million tons of plastic produced every year ends up in our oceans.

Using sensors and rapid image tracking the plastic sculptures follow every movement of your hands. At first the floating pieces of plastic coming from the great garbage patch in front of Hawaii have a hypnotising and elegant feel, but slowly you realise these plastics will follow you for as long as you’re around.

The moment plastic ends up in our ocean, it is hard to almost impossible to recycle it. The work is a not so gentle reminder that every plastic spoon, cup, can or piece of packaging will follow us as a plastic shade for the rest of our lifespan.

The reduction and production of these plastics are not slowing down quick enough, so we need to take the matter in our own hands. Industries will change by the rejection of plastics by consumers. The more aware we are of the choices we make the quicker change will happen.

Plastic awareness art based on scientific facts as shown in the Science Gallery, is necessary to shift the needle, to add feelings to the facts, to make us think again about the use of plastics in our daily life.

Commissioned by:
Science Gallery Dublin
Supported by: Creative Industries Fund NL
Production: Woven Studio
Technical Build: Front404
Head of Production: Sophie de Krom
With special thanks to:
Plastic Soup Foundation, Cian Walsh, Eamonn Fox and the rest of the Science Gallery team, music by End of Times.