We did the technical development of Thijs Biersteker’s work Wither.

Nature is disappearing at a stunning rate. Complete forests are withering in the most remote areas in the world with no one there to watch. An old system is destroying our future, unable for our generation to witness.

Rainforests hold half of the worlds species, a large amount of the worlds oxygen, possible cures for life-threatening diseases, indigenous tribes and ancient knowledge. All of this is lost at a unimaginable speed.

Wither is a real time monument to the 15.000m2 of rainforest that is lost each second. Every flickering of a leave symbolises a loss of 150 m2 of forest that our generation will not get back. Lost forever.

Just as scientists publish research claiming that forests and plants can still help turn the tide of climate change, deforestation is being accelerated by governments to gain short term profits. Making our planet uninhabitable for the generations to come.

This digital installation gives us a glimpse into a new, unknown world, where humanity needs to find its balance and unity back in order to survive. Wither explores a speculative future that might become reality if we don’t act now. The data influencing the installation is based on the most current data available at this moment.

Commissioned by: 
Daily Paper
Production: Woven Studio
Electronics: Front404
Soundscape: Fawozane Ouro-Djobo
With special thanks to:
Switchfoil, Thomas van ‘t Hekke, Kees Plattel